Frequently Asked Questions

Oxdia FAQ

1) What is Oxdia?
Oxdia is an online academic community that enables students to share study materials amongst each other and improve their academic learning.

2) What is the eligibility requirement to become an Oxdia member?
You must be a student, alumni or faculty at a university/college that is supported by Oxdia. Membership requires a valid school email address (see list of supported universities and colleges)

3) Are there any membership fees?

4) If I register for one school, can I access materials from other schools?
No. Academic materials are restricted by our software to be used by students from their school only and thus are NOT accessible across schools. However, students from different schools may interact and collaborate academically on our forum and through our social networks.

Student Buddy FAQ

1) What is Student Buddy?
Student Buddy is the student-organized campus affiliation of Oxdia. It is run by students and aims to enrich student life by hosting social events and academic functions.

2) How is Student Buddy related to Oxdia?
Please see the About Us page

3) What types of academic function does Student Buddy host?
Student Buddy hosts events including academic advising, professional school seminars, mock LSAT/MCATs, and more!

4) Does Student Buddy host social events on the university campus(s)?
Yes! Student Buddy diversifies student life by organizing charitable events, social activities, volunteer opportunities, and so on.

5) What is the eligibility requirement to join Student buddy's campus events?
You need to be a student at a university/college that currently has a Student Buddy chapter.