Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is BUP?
BUP is short for "buddy-up"! You can find fellow students to study with by posting a BUP request on Oxdia. You may also use the BUP feature to find tutors. Since the BUP feature is universal, you may discover other creative uses with BUP as well!

2) Where do I meet with the fellow BUP'ers?
Once you set up the BUP with another person(s), Oxdia will help facilitate the exchange of contact information. You may choose to meet the person online or offline. For the latter, you will need to set up the meeting time/place with the other party.

3) How do I find people to BUP with?
Our proprietary software system will intelligently and actively search and match you with students from your school. Alternatively, you may post a BUP for others to join or browse the BUP section of a course to find BUPs that may interest you.

4) Who needs BUP?
group1 EVERYONE IN YOUR SCHOOL! Researches on academic performance have shown significant benefits to students who buddy-up with others in study groups/pairs. If you BUP with others during your studies, you will: group2 You will also be getting social benefits as well. It is often boring to study by yourself and you get good company by BUP'ing with others.

And don't forget - learning in school is not just about passing courses or getting good grades, it is also about developing personal and professional skills that will prepare you for the future. BUP'ing with others will enhance your communication and interpersonal skills that are valuable later on in your professional life.

5) When should I start BUP'ing?
NOW! It doesn't matter which year you are in, BUP provides the same benefits to everyone at all times in your academic life. Remember, by BUP'ing with others, you are killing three birds with one stone - you benefit academically, socially and professionally! In fact, there is absolutely no reason not to BUP with others for the time you spent studying!